Who We Are

Tammy Hocking - Creative Director

Catnip Design was founded by graphic designer Tammy Hocking in 2002. Being a lover of cats, and having lost her beloved kitty of 15 years in June of that year, she came up with the name “Catnip” as a nod to her childhood feline companion.

Realizing there was a real need for a design studio with a friendlier approach, she set out to create an outfit that offered the highest quality design, while still ensuring clients were treated with warmth and respect. Her pursuit was successful, having garnered the affections of many loyal clients.

Aside from design, Tammy is passionate about music, animation, and the paranormal (she survived an overnight investigation at the Old Melbourne Gaol). A native of Melbourne, she lives with her husband Matt, sons Ben and Alex, and their three naughty kitties.

Gracie - Client Relations

Gracie spends much of her day chatting with clients and making sure they're happy and satisfied. When she isn’t working hard, she enjoys tummy rubs and watching the toilet flush.

Ty - Office Manager

He's the chattiest member of the team, as well as Gracie’s brother (she claims, “It’s not nepotism, he was just the best cat for the job”). He likes eating, playing, eating, destroying furniture and eating.

Basil - Intern

The newest member of the team, our intern Basil is the resident pretty-boy. He enjoys playing pranks on the other staff and sleeping on top of his favourite people.